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Murder, suicide in New Prague

A New Prague woman shot her husband in the back of the head while he was sleeping, then used the same handgun to

6:33 PM, Nov 4, 2005

Michelle Laven battles rapid, rare form of brain damage

When the odds are one in a million, everything is wrong when those odds are beaten.

7:37 AM, Apr 18, 2011

Sky-watchers get rare treat: total lunar eclipse

Moon watchers in the western U.S., Hawaii and elsewhere across the globe were treated Saturday to a rare celestial phenomenon: a total lunar eclipse.

9:42 PM, Dec 10, 2011

Minnesota law enforcement tracking cell phones

It's not just the NSA spying on your cell phone. KARE 11 has learned that two Minnesota law enforcement agencies have the ability to do the same.

11:42 PM, Dec 9, 2013

New implantable device for sleep apnea

It's estimated one out of every 15 Americans has moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea.

7:26 AM, May 2, 2011

I’ve Been Wondering: Ski-U-Mah?

Go to any game at the U of M or watch one on TV and you can’t escape that familiar fight song, known

7:26 AM, Apr 1, 2007

Tax day changes; fewer post offices extending hours

As the tax deadline approaches, a word of advice for last minute tax filers, make sure you check the closing time at your

6:18 AM, Apr 14, 2009

Radon threat grabs attention of lawmakers

Health officials believe radon gas causes tens of thousands of lung cancer deaths every year. And now Minnesota legislators are trying to make people more aware of the issue.

10:54 AM, Apr 26, 2013

Teacher quits after nude photo appears on porn site

A Christian school teacher placed on paid leave last week after a nude photo of her surfaced on the Internet quit over the weekend, school officials confirmed Monday.

3:27 PM, Dec 9, 2013

3 new names on St. John's accused monks list

St. John's Abbey has released an updated list of monks "who likely have offended against minors."

11:23 PM, Dec 9, 2013

Take KARE of Your MONEY: Tax Day restaurant deals

Several restaurants are offering up some great deals on Tuesday, April 17, in honor of Tax Day.

9:11 PM, Apr 16, 2012

Accident at MS 150 sends bicyclists to hospital

An accident involving bicyclists in the MS 150 ride from Duluth to Hinkley has sent victims to the hospital with injuries, according to MS Society spokesperson Anna Kucera.

7:12 PM, Jun 8, 2013

Moonwatchers treated to total lunar eclipse

Skywatchers got an early holiday present this year: A total eclipse of the moon. Hanging high in the sky, the moon slowly turned

10:36 AM, Dec 21, 2010

Minnesota Bound Eagle Cam providing a bird's-eye view

There's a sure sign of spring located high in a tree, just west of the Twin Cities. And, the Minnesota Bound Eagle Cam is giving us all the perfect view.

7:39 AM, Mar 16, 2013

Rainbow Looms bracelets latest craze for kids

A new craze with kids has craft stores across the nation scrambling to keep rubber bands stocked on their shelves.

6:30 PM, Oct 18, 2013

Quarry Park: risky fun near Saint Cloud

Minnesota once boasted, and still claims, the best granite quarries in the world. Now, some of them have become world-class recreation sites.

1:21 AM, Jul 6, 2011

Study says too much running could be bad for your health

Experts say you may want to stop after just one or two marathons because a new study published in the journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings says running long distances regularly may not only not help your health, it may harm it.

6:06 PM, Jun 5, 2012

Mankato coach charged; former employer starts inquiry

A head football coach was officially charged with two felony child pornography counts Wednesday.

6:45 AM, Aug 23, 2012

WCCO-TV releases news anchor

WCCO-TV has let go of one of their news anchors. Jeanette Trompeter, the 5 p.m. newscast anchor was let go from WCCO-TV for budget

4:36 AM, Mar 17, 2009
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