New U of M hybrid operating room offers patient benefits

3:48 AM, Nov 13, 2013   |    comments
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MINNEAPOLIS - There's a new hybrid operating room at the University of Minnesota, the only one of its kind in the region.

It's not only exciting for surgeons.  There are great benefits for patients too.

On Tuesday, a medical team used the hybrid surgical suite at the U of M Medical Center, Fairview to perform an endovascular aneurysm repair, fixing bulges of the aorta in a patient's abdomen.

Tomorrow, another patient could have a robotic assisted coronary bypass in the suite.

That's because the new hybrid surgical suite integrates cardiac and vascular surgery, cardiology, interventional radiology and anesthesia services.

Vascular surgeon, Dr. Steven Santilli, was on the team that developed the operating room, in partnership with Philips Healthcare.

"There are places that have hybrid rooms but they continue to evolve.  Ours clearly is technologically one of the most advanced in the country today," he said.

"It allows us to perform these procedures in the least invasive way possible."

According to the U of M, patients will get more targeted, image guided surgery with real time x-ray imaging.

Also, the suite allows for 70 percent less radiation exposure during x-ray based procedures.

And it will take less time for some procedures, with everything being in one room.

The patient getting the endovascular aneurysm repair had a stent graph placed in his aorta through three needle holes rather than having his chest opened.

Santilli said four years ago patients would have typically had a five day hospital stay with up to three months recovery.  Now he said, "It may be a two day hospital stay.  Within a week the patient will feel completely back to normal."

This hybrid suite is designed to even incorporate future technology.

"I'm very happy it's happening because I may need some of this care myself," Santilli said smiling.

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