Popular bodybuilding supplement is pulled

11:09 PM, Oct 15, 2013   |    comments
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MINNEAPOLIS - A popular bodybuilding supplement has been pulled from a major supplier's website after a USA TODAY investigation. 

The article in USA TODAY said that the pre-workout powder, Craze, has been shown by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency and two other labs to contain amphetamine-like compounds.  Its investigation reports that Craze's maker, Matt Cahill, has a history of creating risky products.

The company that sells Craze, Driven Sports, adamantly disputes the claims, and said in a statement on its website, "The manufacturer of Craze has extensively studied and analyzed Craze with the assistance of a DEA registered laboratory and those studies have consistently indicated that Craze does not contain amphetamines or controlled substances." 

Still, Bodybuilder.com has suspended sales of the product.  Driven Sports said it has done the same as it investigates the issue further.

Leonard Lichtblau is a expert in drugs of abuse at the University of Minnesota.  He said consumers need to know that supplements aren't well regulated.  He said, "It's pretty easy to market those things.  They don't go through the standard DEA or FDA testing procedures.  They just announce that here's our new product, here are the core ingredients in it and we're off and it's the manufacturer's job to say it's safe, we know it's safe and that's it."

Lichtblau would like to see better monitoring of dietary and nutritional supplements by the FDA.

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