Farmington hockey goalie's meltdown caught on tape

9:09 PM, Feb 14, 2013   |    comments
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FARMINGTON, Minn. - A Minnesota High School goalie didn't go small when he decided to quit his team Tuesday night.

A video posted on YouTube shows Farmington senior goaltender Austin Krause from Farmington, Minnesota shooting a puck in his own net, and then turning to the team's bench and flipping off his coach before saluting the crowd and skating off the ice.


Farmington was up 2-1 with three minutes left in the game when Krause purposely scored for the other team. They ended up losing the game to Chaska 3-2.

And by the way... he did it on senior night.

The Farmington Independent posted a Facebook post by Krause that may explain his actions. He wrote:

"They played this sophomore goalie for the starter, he was terrible, I would try and talk to the coaches about this and tell them I want playing time but they never really listen to me or gave me a chance to show them that I'm a better goalie but still wouldn't trust me so I had it it with I asked a few of my players if they care if I did it and they didn't care they thought it would be funny so at the third period they dumped it in I stopped it put in my net started to skate off then flicked the coaches not the team the coaches then I saluted them then got off.

My hockey season is over. I did it for myself. [Like my status] if you think the coaches should quit:)"

The Farmington Public School District released a statement on its website Wednesday afternoon. It said

"This incident was recorded and shared widely on the internet and clearly shows the student athlete pushing the puck into the Farmington net and then leaving the game with a show of unsportsmanlike gestures.

This action has had an immediate and dramatic impact on the
Farmington Boys Hockey Team and the entire Farmington community. The district is taking the proper steps to investigate the incident and will take appropriate action in line with school policy. Student privacy regulations prevent any further release of information regarding this matter.

Our focus is on supporting the players and coaches in our hockey program and the successful completion of their season."

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