Edina girls hockey coach badly injured in accident

11:52 AM, Oct 1, 2013   |    comments
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EDINA, Minn. - There are many prayers and positive thoughts coming from Edina High School Tuesday as the school's girls hockey coach heads into a delicate surgery for a neck and spinal injury.

Laura Slominski was playing in a hockey game on Sunday night when she crashed hard into the boards and suffered a C5 fracture in her neck.

Slominski's Caring Bridge site says she is doing well. can move both arms and legs and has full feeling in her hands, legs and feet. She is scheduled to undergo surgery on Tuesday morning at North Memorial Hospital to stabilize her fracture.

Edina High School Principal Bruce Locklear visited Slominski Tuesday morning, and said she is approaching the injury and surgery with an athlete's mentality, saying she just wants to get the procedure over so she can start rehab and get back on her skates.

Locklear also said Slominski wants to assure everyone she is not paralyzed.

"The prognosis is very good," Locklear said. "We're all hopeful and prayerful for a positive outcome."

Edina Athletic Director Troy Stein has also been in communication with Coach Slominski and says she is in good spirits. He calls her an outstanding leader both on the ice and in her mathematics classroom.

Stein says Slominski called in following the accident to make sure there was a sub in line for her classes Monday, putting students ahead of herself. He says it is a great example of the dedication Slominski shows every day at Edina High School.

Administrators called the girls hockey captains together so they could get accurate information out to the rest of the team.

Slominski is a well known person in the Minnesota hockey community, having played for the Minnesota Gophers from 1998 to 2002, serving as captain in 2001-20012. She previously served as head coach at Bloomington Kennedy High School, and as an assistant at St. Cloud State University and the U of M.  

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