Website helps people find unclaimed cash

5:49 AM, Aug 14, 2012   |    comments
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GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - There's a new website that helps Minnesotans and people around the country find out if they have unclaimed cash.

The state commerce department says at least one out of 20 Minnesotans is owed at least $100 and in some cases thousands more.

Commerce commission Michael Rothman says it's no joke and completely legitimate.

"We've had people who've found tens of thousands of dollars," he said.

Over payments in utility and insurance bills along with old payouts for stocks stack up into the millions.

If for some reason companies cannot get a hold of the person who is owed the money, that money goes to the commerce department.

Rick Maslowski's father died and found money was left behind to him in stock.

"I think it was $1,320," he said.

To make things easier and to help people reconnect with their cash, nearly every state is now part of a data base found at the new website

Anyone can go to the site, type in their first and last name, along with the state they live in. Then they can wait for the money to roll in.

It's not quite that simple because, of course, not everybody will be listed.

I am apparently one of the lucky ones. One hundred dollars is owed to me.

If you think it's you, click, yes and then you'll be directed to another screen to fill out even more information.

For those of you who may be a bit leery, you're not alone.

Maslowski says he called the state commerce office and they were more than helpful at easing his mind.

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