St. Cloud Tech Senior Abby Neville has a master plan(ner).

7:16 AM, Apr 15, 2013   |    comments
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SAINT CLOUD, Minn -- Saint Cloud Tech Senior Abigail Neville is a bit apprehensive to show a visitor her daily planner.

"So, I keep everything organized. It's color-coded, and as nerdy as that sounds it keeps me sane", says Abby.

When asked when she may ditch her old-school, bound organizer for something more high-tech, Abby says she's been there already, but found that newer isn't always better.

"I keep this color-coded. I have an agenda and I have all of my activities written down, you know? What I do every day, and sometimes my days are just filled with different activities and you know, after school I nanny part-time and I have a job part-time and I'm busy, all the time."

You can say that again. President of the National Honor Society, Co-editor in-chief of the school newspaper and a captain in the drama department, Abby needs to be uber-organized to stay on top of her many tasks. But, one thing she always makes time for is her faith.

"I think it's more in terms of things I do outside of school, doing service work and activities like that, but my faith is very much a pat of who I am", says Abby.

Carrying a weighted GPA of 4-point-plus, Abby participates heavily in her church and took a mission trip to Kenya. And, it's one that trip where Abyy got a glimpse of what she believes may be her future.

"I've always loved English and I wanted to be a high school English teacher and then, during the trip we were visiting schools and orphanages and I just realized that my passion was helping kids and so I switched my major"

Abby plans to take her ultra-organized self to Portland University in the fall where she plans to study elementary education with a possible minor in social justice.

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