KARE 11 In High Definition Q&A

Q. Did you do a re-scan of your DTV converter box or HDTV?
A. On June 12th, 2009 KARE-TV (and KMSP-TV) switched back to their old analog channels (11 & 9). In order for your converter box or HDTV to recognize these channels, you need to re-scan or re-program .

Q. Still no channel 11? You may have to perform a “hard” or “double” re-scan.
A. Sometimes the converter box or TV doesn’t erase the old information causing a re-scan to fail. In that case, you need to perform the following procedure:

  • Unplug the converter box or HDTV from the AC outlet. Also disconnect your antenna from the converter box or HDTV.
  • Wait 30 seconds. Plug the converter box or HDTV back into the AC outlet. DO NOT RECONNECT THE ANTENNA!
  • Perform a re-scan or re-program. This should erase all channels.
  • Re-connect the antenna and perform another re-scan or re-program. You should now receive all channels.

Q. Still not getting KARE-TV? Maybe it’s your antenna.
A. In order to receive KARE-TV (and KMSP-TV) you need a VHF antenna. All other channels are on UHF. So make sure you have a combination VHF/UHF antenna.

Q. Still not getting KARE-TV or the signal freezes or pixilates?
A. You may have to make antenna adjustments and re-scan multiple times to get the signal. If you have a weak signal you can use a feature on your DTV converter box or HDTV to optimize your signal. The DTV converter box Remote has a button called Signal Strength (or something similar). Push that button and you’ll get a numerical or meter readout. You want to adjust your antenna to get the optimum or strongest signal. Most HDTVs also have this feature, but you have to dig for it – it’s usually under a Diagnostics sub-menu (check your TV operations manual for details).

Q. Still not getting our signal?
A. If you still are having problems, there are a couple things you can do. If you have an indoor rabbit-ears antenna, first adjust the length to 2/3s fully extended. Secondly, make sure the antenna is not located directly behind the TV, especially if it’s a LCD TV. Move to various locations – sometimes just moving it a little can make a big difference. Finally, if you’re still having problems, you may want to consider a rooftop antenna, either placed on your roof or in your attic. The higher and bigger the antenna, the better your reception will be. Already have a rooftop antenna? Try an antenna amplifier.

You will not get HD (High Definition) picture on a regular 4 X 3 television. You must have a 16 X 9 High Definition television!

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You must re-scan channels after the switch

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Any device you have that requires an antenna to be attached to it to get its signal needs to be rescanned on the 13th,

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KARE 11 DTV is broadcast at:
11-1 HD TV
11-2 Weather Now

Problems receiving our signal?

If on broadcast, you may need to readjust your antenna. Aim your antenna towards Shoreview; almost all Twin Cities TV stations broadcast from this location. Different DTV broadcast channels come in differently. The position of the antenna for another channel may not work for our channel.

For all HD tvs—check your FORMAT setting. In HD programs you should be in STANDARD format (or aspect ratio), not "narrow" or "stretch".