Grow with KARE: Spring tree health

5:50 PM, May 3, 2013   |    comments
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MINNEAPOLIS - Many people are very concerned about the trees after the cold, wet, and snowy spring.  We consulted with arborist Tom Carmen from Rainbow Treecare to talk about the issues that folks are noticing.

A wait-and-see approach for many of the issues is what makes the most sense. Tom said that he is always amazed by the resilience of the trees. Many were damaged by road salt, heavy snowpack, and burrowing rodents. At this point with the weather finally taking a turn for the better he expects quick recovery of many of the damaged trees. The next couple of weeks will be crucial and also eye-opening on how much will happen as the trees go from almost nothing to fully leafed out.

The DNR has many great tips on tree care. They do say you should gently hose off the evergreens along roadsides to wash off any salt residue from the long winters.  Consider covering those hedges and shrubs next season with burlap before winter approaches.

One more note about trees, and it might seem strange to say with all of this recent rain and snow, but keep watering trees. We are coming out of several dry seasons.  Fertilizing them to give them more of a boost and increase the vigor also can be very helpful.

Thanks to Tom Carmen for his advice.


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