Teen home from hospital warns others about 'choking game'

7:10 AM, May 21, 2013   |    comments
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MOUNDS VIEW, Minn. - A teenager is hoping to grab the attention of her peers after she spent three days in the hospital following an incident involving the "choking game."

"I was showing my friends how to do it," says 13-year old Rajahnae Smith. "Then I felt achy."

A day later she had a massive seizure-like episode and was rushed to the hospital, spending nearly two days in intensive care.

The "choking game," which can also be called the "fainting game" or "space monkeys," sounds like a joke, but it's nothing to laugh about. Doctors say that when a person cuts off oxygen to their brain for a brief high, it can cause seizures, brain damage or even be fatal.

"I was in my room listening to music and I started falling over and shaking," recalls Rajahnae. "I'm surprised that I made it."

The 8th grade student at Edgewood Middle School will return to classes soon, but wants others her age to be aware of the dangers of a game many post on YouTube.

"Don't play it," she says. "You may think it's fun, but you could lose your life or hurt yourself and those around you."

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