Animal shelter tries to stop Facebook page

8:59 AM, Nov 5, 2013   |    comments
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 PDF Document: MACC Statement

MINNEAPOLIS - The Minneapolis Animal Care and Control has effectively shut down a Facebook page aimed at saving shelter animals.

The reason why, depends on who you ask.

"We're still trying to figure that out," says Cheryl Anderson, a former volunteer of Minneapolis Animal Care and Control, who runs the Facebook page.

"The one thing (the city) never really enjoyed about the Facebook page is some of the notoriety it brings them when animals are euthanized," says Anderson.

Those euthanized dogs and cats would be featured in a special photo album called Rainbow Bridge.

"That would cause a lot of stir, a lot of complaints."

The city declined to go on camera but said in a statement that they've stopped cooperating with the Facebook page in favor of their own, new webpage.

The site is still run by volunteers and city spokesperson Matt Lindstrom says, "This new system just provides a level of oversight on the content to ensure that it is current and accurate, something the previous system did not allow."

When we visited the new site, we found many of the photos stretched and very little information about the animals. Nothing about behavior or personality that used to define the Facebook posts.

It was a Facebook post that convinced Beth Citurs to rescue a pitbull mix named Tyka this February.

"Because a volunteer took a picture of her and said, 'We have this sweet little puppy and she has mange but she's so happy and wags constantly,'" says Citurs.

Citurs worries the shelter is putting its image over what's best for dogs like Tyka.

"She would have never made it out alive. If she went into MACC today, no one would even know she's there."

Anderson and the other volunteers who run the Facebook page have started a petition urging the city to reconsider.


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