Minn. teens concerned about crime, safety and gangs

10:07 PM, Oct 23, 2013   |    comments
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GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - Minnesota teenagers have a lot of concerns, but crime, safety and gangs top the list.

The Minnesota Youth Council surveyed more than 1,000 teenagers from around Minnesota about the issues of most concern. Twenty-six percent say they're concerned about crime, safety and gangs.  Fourteen percent mentioned drugs and alcohol, while 14 percent said bullying was a top concern.

"If one out of four kids is worried about safety, that's a big deal and it's going to influence the environment for all kids," said Kent Pekel with the Search Institute. "They're not going to succeed academically if they're not feeling safe."

The Search Institute is dedicated to discovering what young people need to succeed. The vital difference in teen's lives...? Adults.

"One of the most powerful, effective strategies for addressing bullying and youth violence is connecting every kid to a caring adult," said Pekel. "Don't take any sign a young person is being bullied or creating acts of violence as something to worry about later. Act and intervene early."

For more information on how to help at-risk teenagers, visit TreeHouse.



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