Key job interview do's and dont's

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GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn.--  If you're looking to change jobs or re-entering the workforce, you may need to brush up on your interview skills.

Jeremy Berg from BERG Professional Staffing dropped by the show today to share some key "do's" and "don'ts".

Interview Do's
• Confirm Interview---Making sure you have the name, time, and date is important. (Amazing how many people don't know who is interviewing them.)
• Beprepared---know something about the company you are interviewing with, bring a couple copies of your resume, references, etc...
• Dress professionally---Always make a good first impression, you might not get a chance at a second
• Be early---Showing up about 10 - 15 minutes early shows initiative
• Have a good qttitude---Be positive, and upbeat, be confident shows strength in your abilities
• Find common ground with interviewer---people like to hire someone similar to themselves.
• Ask questions----Always ask questions that you want to know the answer ...."What type of person are you looking for in this position?" ... "What is a typical day for someone in this role?"

Interview Don'ts
• Dress Casual
--- It's better to look over dressed versus underdressed even in companies where dress professional is not necessary
• Be too early or late---Showing up too early is an inconvenience to the hiring manager
• Worry about being nervous--- everyone gets nervous during an interview, it's human nature and the interviewer is trying to impress you too...
• Act too casual or over confident --- shows disinterest or shows arrogance. You need to relate to the person interviewing you.
• Avoid questions---not answering a question doesn't help your chances.
• Have a negative attitude---never talk badly about past employers makes you look desperate.

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