Science Mom's boredom busters for kids

12:42 PM, Feb 26, 2013   |    comments
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GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - With spring break fast approaching, now is the perfect time to make plans to keep the kids busy.

Liz Heinecke, aka, The Kitchen Pantry Scientist, joined us on KARE News@4 with some great ideas from high tech to high touch that everyone will enjoy. for iPhone/iPod touch puts simple recipes for real science at your fingertips and can help keep Spring Break boredom at bay.

Search by what you have on hand, or make a shopping list if you're one the road. An empty water bottle, some vinegar, baking soda and a balloon will entertain kids of all ages as they shake up a chemical reaction to inflate the balloon with carbon dioxide gas.

Take a few rubber bands with you on vacation and let elastic energy entertain your kids as they shoot stuffed animals across the room. Diet Coke/Mentos geysers require only two ingredients, and kids love it! You can find many more experiments on KidScience app.

If you want to collect data for some real research studies, go to this web site to find the project that's perfect for you.

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