Orono senior is a Jack AND master of all trades

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LONG LAKE, Minn -- Usually, when the term "all-around" is used to describe a person it implies that they are proficient in all area without being outstanding in any one particular area.

When using the term "all-around" to describe Orono senior Trevor Knight, the phrase is not only accurate, but further inspection confirms that Trevor is outstanding in virtually everything he does.

"I take pride in my work and I feel like every time I do an assignment or take a test I'm doing the best of my ability", says Trevor. "And, that's kind of what I'm known for, I guess."

Actually, Trevor is known for several things, not the least of which is a perfect score on his ACT.

"Of course it's like, wow a 36, it's like a perfect score", says Trevor. "But, there's a lot of kids that get really good scores and It looks really good for college, and I'm sure that will help, but I don't think it guarantees anything."

Maybe by itself the perfect score on the ACT doesn't guarantee anything, but when taken in conjunction with a state championship with DECA, the business organization, people really have to pay attention.

"I did a big promotional effort in the winter for Dick's sporting goods and tried to market their hockey and skiing products through advertising and social media and things like that, to try to get more customer loyalty during the winter", says Trevor. "I mean, they're known as an outdoor warm weather outdoor sports store and they have hockey and skiing products but a lot of people don't even know that."

Turns out Trevor's older brother also competed nationally in DECA, and experience Trevor sees as a pivotal link between the high school experience and the bigger world.

Says, Trevor, "You work on your public speaking skills and your presentation skills as well as the stuff you do in schools like creating a good plan and proofing it and it really was interesting to me because it combined what I learned in school and made it more applicable to the real world."

A commended National merit Scholar who has taken seven advanced placement classes, Trevor carries an un-weighted GPA of 3.992. All-State in choir, Trevor is a 3-sport athlete and Orono's male winner of the Triple-A award, which combines academics, the arts and athletics.  He serves as student government treasurer, and, while he wants to acknowledge the great teachers he's had at Orono, for Trevor Knight, success starts at home.

"Both my parents kind of have a nose to the grindstone attitude", says Trevor. "And they have pretty high expectations for me, but they're really caring parents and they look out for me and they just want me to do my best and that's what I've done. I feel like I owe it to them because they've been such great parents, molding me into the person I've become."

A person who can be best described perhaps as "all-around outstanding".

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