Farmington senior displays his competitive nature

7:53 AM, Jan 30, 2012   |    comments
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FARMINGTON, Minn. -- Wearing the jerseys of pro sports teams has become an enduring fashion trend, especially for high school students. But, for Farmington senior Jack Buss, putting on a black #1 Derrick Rose Chicago Bulls jersey, is a way to show his competitive side, even if it's just in a P.E. class basketball game.

Says Jack, "Team sports next hour, my team does not lose."

And, neither does Jack. That competitive spirit has helped him attain a 4-point-plus GPA, and a class rank of 6 at Farmington High School, even while serving as a 2-year member and current president of the school's National Honor Society.

"We do a lot of fund raising opportunities", says Jack. "Feed my starving children, we make blankets for the battered women's shelter and a lot of different activities to help out the community."

A student teacher in the school's writing center and a special education mentor, Jack is also Vice president of the student council, and President of the concert choir.

"We've got a good thing going", says Jack. "And, Ms. Dimish and Mr. Utecht are really nice people and they know what they're doing and we're really improving."

Jack chose to give up fall and spring sports to concentrate on his studies, but, he is a 3-year starter on the hockey team, and as far as that 'team sports' class he was talking about earlier? Despite being a hockey player, Jack did her Derrick Rose Jersey proud by hitting a few outside shots and spreading the ball around, and, as promised, Jack's team did indeed win their game. But, considering Jack Buss' competitive spirit, we shouldn't be surprised.

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