Mahtomedi senior has the stats to prove All-Star status.

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MAHTOMEDI, Minn - In theory it was a great idea; Get student volunteers to produce a vegetable garden with the proceeds going to stock the local food shelf. A no brainer, right?

And, in the end, it really was a good idea, but the reality became one student and her mother doing all the work. A problem? Well, it could have been, but since the student was Mahtomedi Senior Aleea Eick it turned out to be a great experience for both mother and daughter.

"I mean, it wasn't exactly what we had planned, but we both enjoyed it," says Aleea. And, it's that kind of an attitude that says a lot about Aleea Eick as an Academic All-Star.

Adds Aleea, "For community service I just love feeling like I can make a difference and help people."

A National Honor Society Board member, Aleea keeps track of volunteer hours for each member. She also serves as treasurer for the Interact Club, a group that performs local community service projects, and this past summer, tended a garden where the produce went to the local food shelf.

Aleea served as a team captain in Volleyball, a role she'll reprise this spring on the softball diamond. And, while 'The Hunger Games' has renewed Aleea's interest in archery, it's in the classroom where Aleea really likes to compete.

Aleea carries a 3.978 GPA, despite seeking out upper level courses that offer the greatest challenges available.

"In the last 20-years of teaching she's one of the top-10, probably", says Mahtomedi math teacher Dave Wald. "Work ethic, ability, personality, morals and ethics, she's the whole package."

It's that ability to thrive in all different subjects that's allowed Aleea to forge a 3.978 GPA despite consistently taking the most challenging classes available.

"I took a lot of A.P. Courses and I enjoy them for the most part," says Aleea. "Obviously, the homework's not quite so fun, but learning is always good."

Aleea's already been accepted into one of the three colleges she hopes to attend next fall, with a long-range goal of becoming an actuary.

"I took statistics and I just loved it", says Aleea. "I'm not quite sure why, I just really understood it and I loved it and so, I just wanted to do something with statistics and actuary is just one of those jobs."

And if Aleea's long-range plan should change at some point, we're fairly confident she'll handle it just fine.

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