Visitation senior hopes to leave a smaller footprint

11:21 AM, Nov 6, 2012   |    comments
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MENDOTA HEIGHTS, Minn -- Monica Wegerer emerged from her class at Convent of the Visitation with her face flushed, but wearing a smile that stretched almost ear to ear.

"What did you think when you heard a TV crew was coming to interview you?" Monica was asked. "Why?" she responded and laughed. "I only found out about this a couple of minutes ago, but it's great!"

It's actually pretty tough to knock Monica Wegerer off stride, but even when you do Monica recovers quickly. A senior with blonde hair and that ever-present smile, Monica's positive aura comes from an intense desire to learn, and a willingness to dig in and work.

"You can tell that she's done the reading and knows what's going on, says John Lewin, a Chemistry Teach at Vis. "She sort of goes above and beyond the other students in terms of how she participates in class and how she understands the material."

Monica is also concerned about much more than her ACT score or her GPA. She's the co-founder of the school's Enviro Club, a group aimed at making the school more aware of how it uses its resources, and how that plays in the surrounding community, and in turn, the world at-large.

A volunteer at a homeless shelter on the weekends, Monica did score a 32 on her ACT and has a weighted 4-point-plus GPA. She's not about to look for shortcuts when it comes to her educational experience.

"It's a challenge that I enjoy," says Monica. "Especially with college, I hope to have things that will test my abilities and push me further and stretch me to reach new things because you're not going to know your potential if you're just sitting at something that is easy."

"She's very independent, very scholarly, very organized," adds Lewin. "She has a very analytical mind and I think that all of those things will kind of come together to serve her well as she goes forward."

Monica hopes to attend school out-of-state, with a long-range goal of a career in Cognitive Neuroscience. And, should life throw Monica a "curve" somewhere down the road, count on the fact that she'll recover quickly.

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