Share Your Backyard with Wooddale Garden Club on July 11

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EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. - We top off our first "Share Your Backyard Tour" of July by visiting Wooddale Church's Garden Club in Eden Prairie.

Wooddale Church's Garden Club started 12 years ago and is comprised of 35 volunteers under the leadership of Pat Pappas and JoAnn Carlson.

A group of men and women who are dedicated to keeping the Wooddale Church gardens beautiful year round, Pat and JoAnn's team of 35 volunteers are dedicated to providing a place of peace, healing, relaxation and happiness for the last decade.

Volunteers divide their time between the Eden Prairie and Edina churches. The garden areas at both campuses are frequently used for weddings, funerals, corporate events, regular lunch meetings, public lunch hours, as well as for many other event gatherings.

The garden volunteers are segmented into groups and each group is assigned an area of the garden to focus their attention on. Volunteer duties consists of planning, planting, maintaining, and spring and fall clean-up. Volunteers also provide regular upkeep to each of their designated garden areas to ensure their gardens are always beautiful.

In October, Garden Club members harvest the dried foliage from the courtyard plants and decorate seasonal spruce pots that are displayed throughout the church campuses. Each pot is decorated to accompany the season in which it is representing.

To thank all of the Garden Club volunteers for their hours of service, Wooddale Church sponsors an Ice Cream Social every July. The Ice Cream Social is a place for Garden Club volunteers to relax with one another where they can share stories of people who, while in the gardens, find peace in difficult times, joy at celebrations, laugh about finding extremely tall weeds, or even sharing a story about a mother duck and her babies who had to be helped out of the courtyard.

The Ice Cream Social is a way to reach out to the volunteers and thank them for all of the time and effort that have put in to providing a peaceful and beautiful place for others to enjoy.

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