"I watched it all on my radio."

8:17 AM, Nov 22, 2013

Fifty years later and for those old enough the memory of where they were on November 22 1963 hasn't faded.  My memories are different than many of my generation, because I wasn't in a classroom or on the playground.  I was listening to a radio and my memories are of the words and the sound of a UPI Teletype machine.

Hartbeat Blog: 'Hot Fun in the Summertime'

9:01 PM, Aug 27, 2013

Sylvester Stewart may have slipped away from the music scene and is reportedly living a reclusive lifestyle, but one can't forget his contributions.  Just ask the rappers who sample: "I Want to Take You Higher," "Sing a Simple Song," "Everyday People" and "Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Again)."

In this long awaited edition of Hartbeat, we will turn the focusing ring and make crisp, "Hot Fun in the Summertime."  This song fits the current heat wave that is not led by Martha and the Vandellas and that great cure for the "Summertime Blues," the Minnesota State Fair.

'Freddie's on the corner now'

7:32 PM, Feb 26, 2013

On a sunny, bitterly cold winter day in 1973 soul arrived.

"We sure could use a little good news today"

8:35 PM, Oct 31, 2012

The windshield wipers were slapping time as we motored north thorough Nova Scotia, on Highway 102, enclosed safely in a rented Hartbeat mobile. Blog Co-Curator, Vivian Hart and I were listening to Anne Murray through my personal distraction device that was wired into the steed's superb sound system.

Hartbeat blog: 'Waiting for someone to come out of somewhere'

6:59 AM, Mar 30, 2012

The temperatures outdoors may be fluctuating, but inside the People's House (the Minnesota State Capitol), the thermometer only seems to on the upswing.

"Surf's Up"...again.

9:49 PM, Feb 15, 2012

A great deal of material has been cooking on the Hartbeat Grill recently and, to quote the title of Roger Miller's 1973 album, "Sorry Folks, I Haven't Written Lately." I'll move the musical foods around the cooking surface and even throw in a little glitter to spice it up.

Snow flake's a fallin', my old home's a callin'

12:45 PM, Oct 29, 2011

With autumn closing in or closing out in some areas, what better time to start building that Christmas music collection?

'I'm never going back to my old school'

11:23 PM, Sep 2, 2011

If you have ever traveled "to the North Country fair, where the winds hit heavy on the borderline," you may have noticed a large building in the downtown Duluth area with a large clock tower.

The rain, the Capitol and other things

1:51 PM, Jun 1, 2011

The law making process at the Minnesota Capitol in St. Paul is into the special session laps. Some bills have been apprehended in the gubernatorial veto speed trap while other legislation, same sex marriage is taking a detour straight to the November 2012 ballot.

It's All Happening at the Zoo

7:44 AM, Mar 31, 2011

At the Minnesota State Capitol in St. Paul, the political animals are pacing the halls and legislative chambers

Just pick up the telephone

3:58 PM, Feb 25, 2011

In the subterranean bowels of the building where the Hartbeat distills information from a variety of platforms, there are no windows.

This makes the environment safe from the ravages of winter weather. The other journalists and I feed information both written and audio visual onto the multi platforms of Capitol news on which we balance. The fluid nature of the legislature provides us with material, but we often don't know if is sunny or cloudy outside the thick walls.

The Train Kept a Rollin'

9:20 AM, Jan 7, 2011

The opening day of the legislative session found this Hartbeat blogger pulling my camera and tripod around the Minnesota Capitol looking for different angles on a story that is repeated yearly.

There's a New Kid in Town

8:41 AM, Dec 17, 2010

I never know when the idea for a Hartbeat will drop onto my plate. For this Hartbeat, it dropped into a steaming bowl of pho.

Life is a Rock (But the Radio Rolled Me)

8:13 AM, Nov 18, 2010

This Hartbeat was inspired by a t-shirt. My friend, Jeff Phillips, brought it to me from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio. The graphic is pretty simple--an image of an AM car radio dial.

Express Yourself

7:50 AM, Oct 7, 2010

During these colorful days of autumn, there is no shortage of political candidates expressing themselves. The airways are brimming with harvest baskets of media ads, debates, hand shaking and door knocking. For as long as these politicians have sought approval from voters, musicians have been looking for fans for their own self expression.

Now I've Got My Magic Bus

9:10 PM, Sep 2, 2010

Take measuring spoons and fill them with: clear blue skies, a frosted cake shaped like Minnesota, an eager pack of jackals, one large bus and a candidate for U.S. Congress and you have a recipe that permits an office seeker to pull some earned media (unpaid face time) out of the election oven. It's even better if they can serve up morsels to a public and press unsure of their hunger for anything other than deep fried cheese curds.

Hartbeat Blog: Play Guitar, Play

9:39 PM, Aug 16, 2010

A horse swished its tail in the summer heat, fretting about the buzzing flies.  The aromas of cooking food mingled with the odors of manure.  Canopies protecting food and tables from the threat of rain were set up on an expanse of grass.   From two out buildings, the sounds of wood being sanded emitted.  As I maneuvered the Hartbeat mobile into a parking space on a freshly mowed field, I thought that it seemed like a good place to start on a journey of the healing power of music.  When I opened the door to a workshop filled with people building guitars, I knew I had come to the right place.  I was about to enter a two day experience with a group of volunteers building guitars from kits that would be given to veterans in need of this healing power of music.

While My Guitar Gently Weeps

11:12 AM, Jul 31, 2010

It's not just beer that makes Milwaukee famous. Also born in Milwaukee, Guitars for Vets, is a non-profit with a mission: "enhance the lives of ailing and injured vets by providing them with guitars and music instruction. Through self expression and the healing power of music, it is the intent of Guitars for Vets is to restore the feelings of joy and purpose that can be lost after suffering trauma."

Keep on Pushing

2:45 PM, Jul 7, 2010

I had the opportunity to participate with Hartbeat co-curator, Vivian Hart in the Hudson Relay For Life on June 25th. Relay For Life is the American Cancer Society's annual event to raise funds and awareness about cancer. We were two of four Honorary Co-Chairs and we spoke at the opening of the luminaria ceremony. The theme of the event was: A Community of Super Heroes...Fighting for a Common Cause!

Summertime Blues

3:56 PM, Jun 12, 2010

The magic of summer comes to us in these northern climates with the warmth of the sun and the promise of long hours of daylight