Karin Reichensperger

4:37 PM, Jan 9, 2013   |    comments
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"Not only are we making a difference in someone's day, we're changing their life." 

Karin Reichensperger has made volunteering her life, literally! She founded The MESSAGE Program three years ago and became its full-time, volunteer Executive Director. The idea for The MESSAGE Program came to Karin when she was contacted by a medical supply company that had product to donate and was looking for a group that needed it. Unable to find exactly what she was looking for, Karin took it upon herself and created an organization. 

The MESSAGE Program collects medical, dental, EMS and Fire equipment and supplies which are donated to communities in third-world countries. In addition to providing supplies, Karin and volunteers from The MESSAGE Program also provide the training necessary to use the equipment. She accompanied the organization's first shipment to Guatemala in 2003 and has made numerous trips back. Actually, Karin just returned from a trip where she drove a donated handicap-accessible bus to Guatemala. 

To Karin, volunteering means sharing your blessings with those in need. She enjoys representing the generous donors that enable The MESSAGE Program to make a difference in the lives of so many. Karin would like to dedicate her award to her mentors.

Designated Charity: The MESSAGE Program

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