Patsy Eull

5:42 PM, Jan 9, 2013   |    comments
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"It's more important to help a friend, than to win the race." 

It's difficult to tell who has gained more from Patsy Eull's time with the Special Olympics, the athletes or Patsy. Her involvement started when her son Steven was 7 and joined the Flames as an athlete. A few years later when in need of a new coach, Patsy stepped up to keep the team alive. It was one of the best decisions of her life. 

Fifteen years later Patsy is still the coach of the Flames. Under her leadership the team has grown from 20 to 65 athletes and has added numerous sports. Patsy coaches just about every sport one can think of, including downhill skiing, swimming, track, golf, softball and bowling. In addition to coaching, Patsy also finds practice facilities, organizes fundraisers and coordinates social outings for the teammates. 

Patsy has learned countless lessons from all of her athletes, but none have been more wonderful than what she has learned from her son. He constantly reminds her through his words and actions what the Special Olympics is all about - doing your best and being proud of it, no matter what place you finish. 

Designated Charity: The Flames Team/Special Olympics Minnesota Special Olympics

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