Rose Derence & Emma Halverson

5:43 PM, Jan 9, 2013   |    comments
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"Volunteering keeps me doing something!" 

Morning routines are important, and for the kids at Catholic Charities' Northside Child Development Center in Minneapolis, Grandma Emma and Grandma Rose are key parts of their morning routine. 

Collectively, Emma Halverson and Rose Derence have spent 40 years volunteering at Northside and for these two women in their 80's, the consistency of their schedule is as important to them, as it is to the children. "It gives me something to get up for each morning," says Grandma Emma of the time she spends at Northside every Monday through Friday. "They keep me young," adds Grandma Rose. 

Rose and Emma help with a variety of activities each morning. They help with everything from preparing breakfast, to working on homework, and getting the kids ready for school. They even manage to work in a game or two of cards with the kids while waiting for the school bus. But most importantly, they give these children in need a strong start in life. And when asked what being a volunteer means to them, their answer is simple, "Everything!" 

Designated Charity: Northside Child Development Center

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