Rachel Elliott

4:55 PM, Jun 26, 2008   |    comments
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"It is inspiring to talk to our guests, hear their stories, and be part of their success."

Rachel Elliott welcomes everyone into her life with an open heart. She created the community meal program at Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church 20 years ago and has been devoted to the program and the people ever since.

Her meal program is unique in many ways. There are no cafeteria lines in Rachel's kitchen; she insists that all meals be served sit-down style, on china plates and using real silverware. She has also created a give away program, so families can take food and clothing with them when they leave. Since its beginning, over 65,000 community meals have been provided, serving 250 plus at each meal.

Rachel has been the center of this program for 20 years. She plans menus, sets budgets, coordinates volunteers and in the meantime has created quite a legacy. She is currently writing a manual, so her successors and other organizations can follow her lead.

Designated Charity: Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church - Community Meals

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