Rosita Meehan

4:59 PM, Jun 26, 2008   |    comments
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"Do your best to take care of each other."

Rosita Meehan had no idea how her life would change when she answered a newspaper ad in 1979. This ad for a position as a counselor and teacher for individuals with developmental disabilities would quickly grow into her passion.

On Our Own and Associates is a unique community in the Selby/Dale neighborhood that exists because of Rosita's efforts. It was created in 1983 with 8 members, and today the community is 75 members strong.

Rosita helps the members of the On Our Own community live independently and ensures that they have the same opportunities and rights as others. She has helped members become registered voters, leads field trips and created a support system that brings out the best in every member.

Rosita's passion and efforts have touched the lives of many, both within the On Our Own community and beyond.

Designated Charity: On Our Own and Associates, Inc.

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