Donald G. Hartley

12:04 PM, Apr 16, 2008   |    comments
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"For it is in giving that we receive."

Don Hartley knows a thing or two about giving. And gardening. The 83-year-old raises vegetables and plants for local food shelves. Since 1984, he's donated a whopping 91,178 pounds of produce to feed the hungry.

Working just a half-acre of land, Don grows everything in his own back yard. He starts germinating the seeds during the late winter. Seedlings are planted according to a strict schedule. His timing is so good, that each season he can raise two or three crops off the same patch of soil.

A very personal experience with hunger is behind Don's passion for feeding the hungry. During WWII, while a prisoner of war, he was put in charge of distributing the meager amounts of food to his fellow prisoners. Don decided, if he would survive the war, he would dedicate his life to fighting hunger.

SELECTED CHARITY: Holy Trinity United Methodist Church

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