Mrs. Nel Swanson

10:30 AM, Apr 16, 2008   |    comments
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"The more I give, the happier I get."

It's hard to imagine that Nel Swanson can get any happier. Her infectious laugh makes a sunny Summer day even brighter. Judging from the success of her pet project, she has good reason to be happy.

Nel is the founder, director, and lead teacher at the Richfield Co-op Summer School. She started the program nine years ago as a way to keep children on a learning track during the summer months. The school focuses on reading, writing, math, language, and social skills. Over the years, nearly 800 children have been kept from falling through the cracks.

"My payback is when the eyes turn, and you can tell the kids have made a connection with reading."

In addition to her administrative duties, Nel also raises funds to buy school supplies, pay for books, provide breakfast and snacks, and support field trips. She's even been known to provide transportation for some students.

"Knowledge is powerful when you share it. I'm tickled brown with the success!"

SPECIAL CHARITY: Richfield Co-op Summer School

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