Francis "Pete" and Helen Peterson

6:50 PM, Jul 27, 2004   |    comments
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"All you have to do is put yourself in our customers' shoes."

Helen and Pete Peterson walk for people who can't do their own grocery shopping. They each put in 25 hours a week volunteering with Store to Door, an agency that shops for and delivers groceries to elderly and disabled Twin Cities residents.

Pete says he realized the importance of volunteering after he was injured and almost killed in WWII. "I think you realize you have to get along with other people." It was when he had to bring groceries to his parents in assisted living that he realized what a valuable service Store to Door provides.

In addition to shopping for groceries, the Petersons have raised over $200,000 dollars for Store to Door by clipping and organizing approximately 500 coupons a week. They say the money saved keeps the delivery charge down for clients.

When they take time out for themselves, they garden and travel. They also volunteer at Centennial Methodist Church and the Harriet Alexander Nature Center.

"If your health will permit it, there are so many volunteer jobs. In these days of cutbacks in funds, it's all the more important."

Designated Charity: $1100 to Store to Door

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