Hugh McElroy

11:04 AM, Apr 16, 2008   |    comments
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"We, as a minimum, should share our 3 T's - treasure, time and talents."

That's exactly what Hugh McElroy does to help children reach their full potential.

This grandfather and 3M retiree volunteers at CommonBond Communities' Torre de San Miguel homes in Saint Paul. There, he helps children, many of them recent immigrants, with their homework. He also helped launch a mentoring program called "Study Buddies." Lynea Geinert of CommonBond says Hugh is a great motivator. He helps kids feel good about themselves. And he gives so much more.

Hugh helps recruit and train other volunteers, fundraise, and he even provides his own "Hugh Grant." That's money he contributes to fund fun activities for the kids like renting a boat for a field trip on the Saint Croix.

Then Hugh shares his 3 T's abroad by volunteering with Common Hope, an agency that helps desperately poor Guatemalans. He helps build homes and then reaches into his own pocket and gives families cash to send their kids to school, buy art supplies, clothes and shoes. He once even drove a donated car to Guatemala... all the way from Saint Paul.

In his spare time, Hugh goes golfing, fishing and studies Spanish so he can be of more help to the children.

"I try to see the kids not where they are today. I like to imagine them as young men and women ten years from now. The things I do and say today, I hope, are positive things that will resonate with them."

Designated Charity: $1100 to be divided between CommonBond Communities and Catholic Charities

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