Harvey Zander

1:54 PM, Jan 9, 2013   |    comments
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Harvey and his wife Karen are owner-operators of an 18-wheeler dubbed "Icy Blue". However, this is more than just a semi --- it's a rolling classroom. Each year, the Zanders take their rig to Sorteberg Elementary in Coon Rapids to teach 4th graders about truck safety and life on the road.

Harvey is the first to admit he starts out playing second fiddle to "Icy Blue." Kids are fascinated by the giant vehicle. But after that novelty wears off, they learn about Harvey and his job hauling things across the nation. He sends them postcards from around the country. Karen comes up with a question for each postcard --- something connected to geography or math. Then it's up to the 4th graders to figure out the answer. The 10-year olds also learn about writing and grammar as they send letters back and forth.

"You feel good after you leave, knowing you've made the kids excited about learning."

In addition to being a classroom correspondent for the past three years, Harvey works with the Wright County School district driver's education program. He teaches the future drivers about safety and how to share the road with big rigs.

Harvey and Karen encourage everyone to get involved.

"You make time. It doesn't take that long. The rewards are great!"

*Donation to: Anoka Hennepin Educational Foundation

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