Marvin Roger Anderson

3:37 PM, Jan 9, 2013   |    comments
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"A person never stands so high as when he stoops to read to a child."

Marvin Roger Anderson spends much of his work day surrounded by books. He runs the State Law Library. The books contain the answers to just about every legal situation. Not quite 'light' reading for most.

But it's a different kind of reading at the heart of Marvin's volunteering. Five years ago, he implemented the Everybody Winsâ - Power Lunch Program at Benjamin E. Mays Magnet School In St. Paul. Adult volunteers are paired with students. The two become Reading Buddies. Once a week, the two get together for an hour of reading. At the end of the year, the students visit the offices of their Reading Buddies to learn more about their partners.

The primary goal of Reading Buddies is to teach reading for pleasure. But this is more than just a reading relationship. Among the adults are Minnesota Supreme Court Justices, judges, attorneys, and law clerks. By meeting with members of the legal community, students are given a positive first experience with the people involved in the court system. Meanwhile, the adult readers gain an insight into what's happening in the schools.

Marvin's program is so popular, that there are now nearly twice as many adult volunteers as there are students.

*Marvin has designated $1100 to be divided between Morehouse College Annual Fund and Fraser Community Services

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