Lillian Lyngstad Petersen

2:32 PM, Jan 9, 2013   |    comments
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"...people greeting, saying 'How do you do?' What they're really saying is 'I love you.'" - lyrics from "What a Wonderful World".

Name a "golden oldie" tune, and chances are good that Lillian Petersen knows how to play it on the piano. In fact, she's called a 'Keyboard Engineer' by the folks at St. Anthony Park Home. Lillian volunteers to play at the care facility twice each week --- at Tuesday's sing-along and at Friday's happy hour. It's time that provides a 'Sentimental Journey' for Lillian and the residents.

Lillian's playing career started back in 1993 when Eddie, her husband of 45 years, developed Alzheimer's and moved to St. Anthony Park Home. Lillian would play the "golden oldies" as a way to communicate with Eddie. But other residents enjoyed her serenades. After Eddie died, Lillian decided to continue her weekly concerts. She also plays for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. She says her visits are good therapy, for the residents and herself.

"It's a great feeling afterwards --- like I've been in church."

*Lillian has designated $1100 to be divided between Seward Montessori School and Como Zoo & Conservatory Society

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