Scott Schlaffman

2:22 PM, Jul 28, 2004   |    comments
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"You can sit and whine about something, or you can make it better." Scott Schlaffman leads by example. Nine years ago, he began volunteering as a receptionist for The Aliveness Project, a community drop-in center in South Minneapolis for people living with HIV/AIDS. Three years later he was running the program.

But even though he volunteers to be the organization's executive director, Scott does less-than-glamorous jobs like washing the dishes, cleaning the bathrooms, and taking out the garbage.

"My parents raised me to ask, 'What would a reasonably practical person do?' That's what I use to guide me and get me through the rough spots."

The Aliveness Project almost went under several years ago. But because of Scott's hard work and tireless efforts, it's around to assist its 1,200 members, as well as the 5,000-10,000 Minnesotans who are living with HIV/AIDS.

"This has been a rewarding experience. I learned I could do things I never imagined."

Scott has designated $1100 to The Aliveness Project.

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