Ginny Laughinghouse

3:16 PM, Jan 9, 2013   |    comments
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"Our children are our precious jewels." 

Those who know Ginny Laughinghouse say she's a rare gem herself. In her 23 years as a foster parent, Ginny has cared for more than 110 children. And for the past 10 years, that has meant being a foster mom to the most fragile of infants. Ginny takes care of medically challenged newborns in what is essentially a mini hospital she and her husband have built onto their home. 

It's a 24/7 commitment. These babies need more than just diapers and formula... some need ventilators, gastro tubes and nebulizers. Ginny treasures these babies. It gives her great joy to watch them grow, thrive and move on. But the moving on part can also be very hard. Some children stay for months, if not years, and she loves them like her own. Ginny is an honorary grandmother to one girl for whom she cared for 2 ½ years. But her big dream is to have more children come back to find her because each child means so much to her. And she means so much to them. "They really need me so much. Not everyone is able to do this. It takes all kinds of people to make a world." 

Designated Charity: Family Alternatives

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