Bob Fisher

4:22 PM, Jan 9, 2013   |    comments
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"I always wanted to be everything God wanted me to be." 

God must have wanted Bob Fisher to be cold. But because of his suffering, thousands of homeless people are able to find warmth. Bob is the first to admit he's a "winter wuss." So in 1996, he decided to embrace his dislike of the cold by camping in his yard. During that first frozen, sleepless night, Bob says he felt God talking to him and encouraging him to do something for the needy. The result was the creation of a fundraising effort called "Bob's Sleep-Out." The rest, as they say, is history. 

Over the past eight years, Bob has slept through 168 chilling nights. He's endured -15 degree temperatures. He's also inspired others to embrace the cold, join his crusade, and pledge money for each night he slept in his tent. To date, "Bob's Sleep-Out" has raised nearly three million dollars! So despite his distain for cold weather, Bob continues to spend one month each winter sleeping in a tent. 

This year he expects 800 people to participate in his winter camping adventure. Bob's advice to others is simple. "Take a few seconds to listen to that small voice in your head. Then go out and do it." To find out more, check out his Website

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