Gretchen Hanson

4:21 PM, Jan 9, 2013   |    comments
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"Everybody's got a gift, and there are plenty of people who need it." 

Gretchen Hanson gives her special gift to people who are living through perhaps the most difficult time in their life. She gives them her 'presence' while they are dying.

It was in 1982, while her father was dying of lung cancer, the Gretchen realized people need more than medical specialists to help them cope with the end of life. They need someone who is physically and emotionally available. They need presence and friendship. 

Out of this realization, Gretchen founded an organization called Tamarisk. Today, sixty people have been trained to listen, give reassurance, and support the caregivers of people who are terminally ill. Tamarisk is a self-sustaining, all-volunteer organization. It's services are free. "Tamarisk was the beautiful thing that came from my father's death. There's no price tag that you can put on this." To learn more about Tamarisk, go to

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