Ed and Sally Kemna

4:19 PM, Jan 9, 2013   |    comments
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"It's a busy life, but God has given us strength and patience to deal with it all."  

Just about every parent of a newborn knows how much the new arrival disrupts their home. As foster parents for at-risk infants, Ed and Sally Kemna have been embracing those disruptions for 12 years. Over the years, they've provided loving care for more than 70 infants and toddlers.

At any time of the day or night, Ed and Sally are prepared to welcome a new arrival. The babies can stay with them for as little as three weeks or as long as a year. The couple says it's crucial that the infants learn how to bond, even if it's with a foster parent. As quickly as the babies come into their lives, they can leave. Giving up the babies can be an emotional ordeal, but Ed and Sally focus on the positive. "Separating from the babies is tough, but you see joy in the receiving families." 

The Kemnas are also heavily involved with activities at St. John's Lutheran Church. Their volunteer work has varied during the past 30 years, but on the average, they spend ten hours each weeks helping with projects. "Volunteering is a wonderful excuse to not clean house."

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