Susan & Leon Godeke: Eleven Who Care Winners

9:28 AM, Jan 25, 2012   |    comments
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Each month we recognize outstanding volunteers in our community as part of the Eleven who Care program, and on this Christmas Eve, it's a double dose of goodwill.

No need to carry a calendar. You can always tell what day it is by where the Godeke's are volunteering.

"On Mondays now we work for Salvation Army, Tuesday and Wednesday for Store to Door, Thursdays she works for Bridging, and then every third week we do Meals on Wheels," explains Leon Godeke.

Susan and Leon have been giving their time and talents for more than 20 years.

"Everybody from the Salvation Army is so much fun," says Susan. "Well, it's like family now coming here for us," adds Leon.

The Salvation Army has become a volunteering staple for the couple.

"I remember once Leon and Susan came to me and said, "We want to give more." I said, "Give more? You're already giving three, four times a week," says Jennie Connors with the Salvation Army, as she explains why she so willingly nominated the couple.

On the day we visited they were sorting stocking stuffers for the annual toy drive. But, you'll also find them counting kettle money, and in Leon's case, even driving a truck. This is the Godeke's second stop of the day.

"How do you get up in time to be at Cub Foods at 6am on a morning when it's 20 below zero?" asks Mary Jo Schifsky, Executive Director for Store to Door.

Susan and Leon spent the morning shopping. It wasn't for themselves, they were filling orders for the elderly who can't leave their homes.

Twice a week you can find the two at Cub volunteering for Store to Door. It's that kind of dedication that each charity truly appreciates.

"We value them, we value their time and we value what they do to serve others in this community through the Salvation Army," says Tom McKee.

The Godeke's contend they don't deserve the recognition, that they're not doing enough to earn this honor.

"We probably get more out of it then what we're giving," says Leon.

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