Dan Wilson talks about music, fame and coming home

11:42 PM, Feb 10, 2013   |    comments
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MINNEAPOLIS - The Semisonic classic "Closing Time" launched the Minnesota band to international fame in the late 1990, and it solidified star status for performer and songwriter Dan Wilson.

Now in his third decade of music making, Wilson built his career here, starting with the band Trip Shakespeare in 1986 that segued into Semisonic a few years later. His latest ventures require him to live and work elsewhere, but he tries to perform locally as often as possible.

"I love to come home and play," Wilson said. "Now that I live in L.A., the hometown shows are less pressure because I'm caught up in the fun and joy of returning here."

Wilson moved to Los Angeles two years ago to focus on songwriting and producing opportunities. For years, he's been collaborating with and writing hits for big names like Keith Urban, The Dixie Chicks, John Legend and Josh Groban. But, it's the superstar with one name that took him all the way to the Grammy Awards.

Adele and Wilson co-wrote the award-winning 2012 Pop song title "Someone Like You," and they worked together on her ultra successful album, "21."

"Adele and I got together in a studio in Hollywood," Wilson explained. "We shared a collaboration partner named Rick Rubin, a producer, who blind-dated us...Adele is, she's incredibly clever, a great singer, really funny and spontaneous. She's a genius."

Wilson came to the Twin Cities recently to perform a couple of acoustic shows with his brother Matt, a much welcomed return to the stage for everyone.

"Last year was spent most of the time collaborating with other artists...these past several months, I've been finishing my own songs, which has been a nice change," said Wilson.

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