REVIEW: Blood-C: The Last Dark (Blu-ray)

4:18 PM, Nov 21, 2013   |    comments
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Blood-C: The Last Dark (Blu-ray)

FUNimation Entertainment / 2012 / 105 mins / TV-MA


"Be careful what you wish for..." I remember watching the final episode of BLOOD-C and thinking, "that was pretty darned cool. I'd like to see more adventures of our once overly-happy and always singing heroine Saya Kisaragi (voiced by Alexis Tipton/Nana Mizuki) now that she's a lethal terminator-esque demon slayer." Well, along comes BLOOD-C: THE LAST DARK, a sequel to that anime series that picks up Saya a few months after the nefarious Fumito (voiced by Robert McCollum/Kenji Nojima) shot her in the eye while she tried to leap onto his helicopter.

THE LAST DARK opens with a bang and a half with a great battle on a subway; Saya coldly rips apart a demon in the bloodiest of fashion. And then The Plot starts. Saya is in Tokyo hell-bent on revenge and joins a group of hackers called the Surat who is also out to take down Fumito. Crosses, double-crosses, political intrigue (sorta) and several demon fights are what await Saya and the Surat, but it just feels really... boring.

The story is extremely predictable, which certainly doesn't bode well for THE LAST DARK, but I'd be willing to forgive that since the BLOOD-C world is such a lush looking work of art. I'm fine being hypnotized by pretty pictures and anime action at the expense of a strong story. I've certainly been there before. However what I can't forgive is a boring hero, or in this case heroine. Saya was so much fun to be with in the BLOOD-C series, but now that she has become "her true self," she is as dull as dishwater. She is almost a non-character; something there to orchestrate action scenes around and nothing else. Coupling THAT with a very predicable story does spell doom for a movie. While fans of BLOOD-C will no doubt want to see more of Saya and see if she finally gets her revenge, they should also be careful what they wish for.


The anamorphic 1.78 transfer is this discs' strongest attribute. BLOOD-C has been praised for its lush aesthetic and the highly detailed world Saya inhabits looks just as amazing here as it did in the series. Rich colors, great lighting effects and razor sharp detail is what you'll find here.

Both the original Japanese and English language dub tracks are presented in Dolby TrueHD 5.1. They are a pretty close match with extremely active surrounds and crisp dialogue, although as is the case with most of FUNimation's releases, I have to tip the scales in favor of the excellent English dub.


The supplements kick off with a commentary track hosted by ADR Director Mike McFarland who is joined by several voice actors including Saya herself, Alexis Tipton.

The six part "NoNeNoNe Theater" is here.

"Promotional Videos," the "Original Teaser" and "Original Trailer" and the "US Trailer" round out the supplements.


With the mystery of Saya solved at the end of the anime series BLOOD-C, there is simply nothing left but a by-the-numbers revenge story for THE LAST DARK. It's better leave Saya where she was and skip this disappointing sequel. 

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