6 ideas to freshen up your grocery cart

9:56 AM, Feb 14, 2012   |    comments
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MINNEAPOLIS -- One of the best strategies for eating healthy is to stay excited about food and enjoy what you eat. Many of us tend to put the same foods into our grocery carts, rarely coloring outside the lines.

Kowalski's Markets Nutritionist Susan Moores says mix it up. Moores shared some new food ideas to put into your cart that also do good things for your health on KARE 11 Sunrise.

Produce: Winter can mean a steady diet of apples, oranges and bananas. That's better than no fruit or vegetables, but why not put a touch of discovery into your cart. Check out horned melon, pummelos, ugli fruit plus some lesser known items such as jicama, persimmons, kumquats. Any and every fruit and vegetable is a great pick. Ask the produce staff for ideas on use.

Condiments: There's been a surge in cool condiments over the past year. Picking different ones can totally change the flavor of a sandwich or salad. Check out new mayos, relishes, spreads, hummus and vinegar. Brighter, bolder flavors can mean you don't need to use a lot. You get a bigger flavor punch for your buck.

Nut butters: Peanut butter is grand, but there are new nut butter options that can wake up any sandwich. Try almond, hazelnut and flavored nut butters on sandwiches and crackers.

Meat and fish: Game meats are in vogue this year. Check out bison, a leaner red meat with a bigger meat taste. Try elk, quail, and a whole sea of new fish such as corvina and barramundi. Your meat/fish specialist can let you know more about the flavor of these foods plus ideas for preparing and serving them.

Snack foods: Potato chips are the classic snack food but today there are plenty of newer options to dazzle your taste buds, and do you a little better on the health front. Check out bean chips, nut chips, dried bean trail mixes, interesting dried fruit and nut trail mixes.

Chocolate: There are plenty of cool new chocolates on the market. For the potential health bump that comes from chocolate, pick the dark varieties. The more cocoa the more benefit. Milk chocolate and white chocolate offer no heart health plus. Dark, non-alkaline processed is your best bet. Think quality over quantity.

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