Troubleshoot Your Recycling Program

1:36 PM, Feb 26, 2013   |    comments
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So your business has taken KARE 11's Great Green Challenge. Congratulations on starting a recycling program! Now it's time to make sure it's running smoothly by evaluating your in-house recycling program to make sure it's being maximized.

Start by verifying what's accepted by your service provider. Some materials may not be accepted but you probably can recycle more than you think. Some service providers make it as easy to recycle at work as it is at home without sorting. Ask if that service is available to you. Service providers recycle hundreds of different items made from materials like paper, cardboard, metal, glass and plastic. To see a list of items that are recyclable, some that aren't and some that might be recyclable by your service provider, check our Business Recycling Guide.

Placing a recycling bin next to every trash can makes it easy for employees to recycle. You can help train employees on what items can be recycled and what is trash by placing clear and visible labels on every recycling bin. Download free recycling and trash signs from the Recycling Association of Minnesota. You can even customize them to fit your needs.

Does your company have internal staff pick up the trash or do you hire a service? Work with them to make sure recycling is being collected and stored properly for pick-up on loading docks or in outdoor trash and recycling receptacles.

Visit to learn more about going green at work. Then we encourage you to take the recycling pledge to start or improve recycling at your workplace or business. Be a champion, take the pledge, and "Join the Recycling Revolution" today!


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