Great Green Challenge, Week 4: Troubleshooting the Program

3:32 PM, Mar 5, 2013   |    comments
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GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - I've been preaching recycling in the KARE 11 newsroom for four weeks and here's what I've found; the easier we make it to recycle, the more my coworkers will put their paper, bottles and cans in the proper bin.

Out of sight out of mind right? So I'm poking around everyone's desk to make sure there is a blue bin within reach.

In my trek around the building, I found another Recycling Champion! Lauren Hauter is known for making sure her colleagues in the sales department get their paper to the right place!

And this is a little embarrassing: In one of our copy rooms there is a sign asking people to please recycle ... But there's no recycling bin!

All in all, I have a list of 41 locations within the KARE building that need a blue bin. And I got some budget room for many of them!

From those blue bins our recycling comes here before it's shipped away. Many businesses have single sort recycling, but here at KARE we separate our paper from our bottles and cans.

Regardless of the details at your workplace, the blue bins near every garbage can encourage everyone to think about what they are tossing where.

Here are some websites where you can print off signs for your bins:


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