Make Your Landscape Eco-Friendly

3:42 PM, Apr 2, 2013   |    comments
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Spring is a good time to consider eco-friendly landscaping practices that focus on using:

-less toxic landscaping products

-a rain barrel for catching water to put on plants

-native/eco-friendly plantings

Mulch is a less toxic way to manage weeds than using chemicals. Plus, mulch has several other benefits, including it provides a more uniform soil temperature, improves soil moisture, and protects against erosion. Shredded wood or chips, pine needles and straw are just some of the materials that can be used as mulch. Learn more here.

Pay attention to water use on your landscape. Choose moisture sensors rather than timers for sprinkler control so that lawns are not being water while it's raining. Rain barrels catch water that can be used in your landscape. Rain barrels help you conserve water, improve the health of lawns and gardens, and manage storm water.

Consider buying a rain barrel from the Recycling Association of Minnesota, a nonprofit organization. Pre-ordered rain barrels cost $69 plus tax and will be available for pick up April through June at various locations. For more details and to place your order visit

And, finally, choose native or eco-friendly plants when making landscaping changes. Adapting your plant selections to match regional conditions will require less maintenance to keep them healthy.

Visit to learn more about going green at work.

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