Grow with KARE: Stump removal, tree replanting options

4:04 PM, Jun 28, 2013   |    comments
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MINNEAPOLIS - Thousands of trees went down with the squall line that blew through the metro one week ago.

As a result, it was a very busy and frustrating week for so many with record power outages and property damage.

Now, that you have the tree cleaned up the question is, what are your options with the stump? There are numerous stump removal myths.

The paint-on chemicals that are supposed to make the stump rot quicker do not work. Drilling holes or burning or using acid does not work and causes a huge mess and issues with all of the chemicals leaching into the soil. This can also be very dangerous. A number of people dig around the stump and try to cut through the roots with a chainsaw. The chainsaw blade quickly becomes blunt because it is not designed to cut through earth and consequently will not slice through the root effectively. Again a very dangerous thing to attempt.

A tree stump that isn't removed quickly can potentially attract pests like termites, ants, roaches and beetles. It is hard to play around and mow around. The best idea is to remove the stump by having it professionally ground out with a stump grinder blade. The only issue is that there will still be decaying wood under the grass around the ground stump to the drip-line. That wood will decay slowly over time and a crop of mushrooms at the surface are pretty much a guarantee. There is nothing you can do but mow over them when they crop up.

You will want to plant your new tree around 10 feet from the old tree location. Bobby and Dennis Wilson an arborist from The Lawn Ranger suggest these as their favorite replacement trees.

Ginkgo Tree
Kentucky Coffee Tree
White Oaks
Hybrid Elms such as Cathedral or Valley Forge
Red or Sugar Maples
Good luck with your new tree and your old stump!

Belinda & Bobby

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