Minn. troops return home as Pentagon lays blueprint for women in combat

6:56 AM, Jun 19, 2013   |    comments
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ST. CLOUD, Minn. - On Tuesday, 52 soldiers from the C Company, 2nd General Support Aviation Battalion returned home from Afghanistan. Bobbi Shrek waited 11 months for her daughter, Tara Lamo, to come home.

"For my own piece of mind when she's deployed I don't listen to a lot of what's going on in the military," she said.

Tara joined the National Guard at 17 years old. Now 27 the flight medic just signed up for another 10 years.

"I pretty much feel that everyone should spend part of their life serving their country," Tara said.

Tara is one of nearly 14,000 Minnesota National Guard troops. According to the National Guard 16.5 percent of those troops are women. As Tara's unit returns home the Pentagon is laying down a blueprint to open combat and Special Ops roles for women, even possibly allowing females to train as Army Rangers and Navy Seals by 2016.

Tara says her service isn't about politics or policies.

"I really don't' think that makes much of a difference personally. I'm out there flying with the guys and I go into hostile territory potentially picking up an injured solider and if a female wants to go out there and be in combat go for it," Tara said.

The only thing on Tara's mind right now is her family and a good meal.

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