Weekend rain is too little too late for farmers

4:13 PM, Sep 17, 2013   |    comments
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LAKE CRYSTAL, Minn. - The rain around here brings good news and bad news for Minnesota Farmers.

While it was welcome, the farming community is wishing this rain had come earlier in the season.

Luke Lantz, of the Lantz farm in Lake Crystal, says the weekend rain is too late to benefit this year's crop. His corn has reached what is called "black Layer," which means the kernels can no longer grow regardless of the weather.

The good news is that the rain did soften the ground a bit, making for less wear and tear on the machinery.

A crop report just in from the Department of Agriculture shows an improvement from last week in topsoil moisture. Deeper Subsoil moisture levels did not improve.The bottom line is that our drought status will likely not see much of any improvement from the mid-September showers.

You can read more from the Lantz farm , including their pursuit to produce 300 bushels of corn per acre at Pursuitof300.com.

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