St. Paul Police award officers with medal of valor

6:40 PM, Dec 15, 2010   |    comments
  • St. Paul Police award officers with medal of valor
  • St. Paul Police award officers with medal of valor
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ST. PAUL, Minn. -- St. Paul Police Chief Thomas Smith presented seven Saint Paul police officers with the Medal of Valor - the Department's highest honor - for consciously putting their own lives at risk to save others on Wednesday.

Officers Adam Bailey, Stephen Bobrowski, Thomas Weinzettel, Jermaine Davis, Jason Giampolo, Todd Ludvik and Justin Tiffany were honored for their heroic efforts at a special ceremony.

Saint Paul Mayor Chris Coleman and Saint Paul Police Federation President David Titus also spoke at the event.

"These officers represent the best of the Saint Paul Police Department," Chief Smith said. "I'm proud of all seven for their courage and dedication under some of the most dangerous conditions any officer will ever face."

Officers Adam Bailey, Stephen Bobrowski and Thomas Weinzettel

On Dec. 8, 2009, a search was underway on St. Paul's east side when information was broadcast that the suspects in an earlier homicide may be at an apartment complex on Maryland Avenue.

Officers Bailey, Bobrowski and Weinzettel responded and caught up with one of the suspects who was running through the apartment courtyard. The officers had the suspect cornered, but he refused to show his hands.

Officer Bobrowski deployed his Taser and the suspect fell to the ground with his hands beneath him. As officers struggled to bring the suspect's arms out from under him, a gunshot went off and Officer Bailey was struck in the calf. Fearing for this life and the lives of his fellow officers, Officer Bailey returned fire. Officer Bobrowski and Weinzettel also fired their weapons. The suspect was killed.  Officer Bailey recovered from his injury and returned to work a couple of months after the incident.

Officers Jermaine Davis, Jason Giampolo, Todd Ludvik and Justin Tiffany

On Aug. 31, the four officers were working the State Fair detail near the intersection of Underwood and Como when a semi truck struck a high voltage electrical pole and live wires fell on five people.

The four officers immediately began working as a team without any hesitation for their own safety. They radioed for assistance and for medics. There were large crowds of people in the area creating a chaotic scene. The officers ordered citizens to stay clear and moved some out of harms way. Officer Giampolo then ran to assist the man in a chair on the sidewalk. He had a power line on his legs and was convulsing.

Officer Giampolo quickly decided to kick the chair out from underneath the man and pulled him to the middle of the street where he put his shirt under the man's head to try and prevent further injury.

Officers Davis, Ludvik and Tiffany quickly went to assist a family that was caught between live wires and a snow fence.  The live wire was on the father's shoulder and also was lying across a stroller, causing it to bounce up and down.  The officers ran under the downed power lines to reach the mother and two children, while Officer Tiffany assisted the father who was slumped over the fence.  The officers brought the family to a nearby building for medics to assess their injuries.  

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