Duluth flood wreaking havoc on families

8:54 PM, Jun 21, 2012   |    comments
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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Minn. - As some people pick up the pieces after the devastating floods in the Duluth area, others still haven't been able to get back into their homes.

"I'm just glad to be safe and my kids are safe," said Nicole Lamphire.

She and her husband along with their three young children were evacuated Thursday afternoon from Fond du Lac.

"It was scary to have the fire department come to your door and say you need to leave now," she said.

What Nicole left was a home severely damaged along with a neighborhood which is a shell of itself.

"There are cars tipped over, cars floating down the street. There are cars in the river. There are garages torn apart. It's crazy," she said.

Farther north in Duluth at Whole Foods Co-Op, part of the parking lot is gone and an 18 foot retaining wall has collapsed.
"Today we're just trying to pick up debris. The wall fragment are all scattered all over the parking lot," said Arno Kahn with Builders Commonweath.

The roadways are not much better. Some are closed, others none existent, looking more look like a river of concrete.
"It's hard to understand the power of water until you see something like this," said Dave Markman with the Duluth Parks and Rec Department.

He says there are lot of roads in Duluth impassable.

"It's typical across the city. There are probably 50 to 75 places that look like this," he said about one location where the road is washed away.

Back near Fond du Lac, all Nicole and her family have are their bags and each other. They were allowed only one bag of clothing per person. They're grateful for that.

"There are people down there don't have a home, don't have cars, don't have nothing. Words can't even express. It's hard," said Lamphire.

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