New economic study finds Minnesota cities in top 100

11:54 AM, Jul 7, 2012   |    comments
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MINNEAPOLIS - According to a new economic study a couple of smaller Minnesota cities are beating out their bigger counterparts when it comes to adding jobs.

Between Minneapolis, Rochester and Duluth, which one would you put at the top of your list for potential economic and job growth. We asked some are residents what there guess would be.

"My choice would be Duluth, Minn.," said David Hodges, a Twin Cities resident.

"There's been a lot of growth in Rochester," said Noel Clark, a Twin Cities resident.

It just so happens, according to a new study by Area Development magazine, Rochester leads the way in Minnesota and ranks No. 66 overall in the U.S.

Duluth is next and ranks No. 77, followed by Minneapolis-St Paul, including Bloomington which placed No. 85.

The report looked at 23 economic factors. It took into account, the latest employment growth, the prime workforce in the area and the city's ability to ride out a recession.

"Minneapolis is already fairly big," said Clark. "These other two areas have a bigger industry and room for growth."

Rochester's economy may be fueled by Mayo Clinic, but it also has been adding jobs to the manufacturing, dairy and food industries.

While other cities tanked during the recession, Rochester and its peers somehow managed to prosper.

Overall, cities in the middle of the United States were regularly rated higher than those on the coasts.

The top three cities include Columbus, Indiana, Odessa, Texas and Lafayette, Louisiana.

Not to be left out, the La Crosse, Le Crescent area of Minnesota and Wisconsin ranks No. 95.

North Dakota has two cities in the top five. Bismarck ranks No. 4 and Fargo was No. 5 on the list.

For a complete list and more information about the study, go to

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